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David Ezra Music Producer - LondonDAVID EZRA


As the owner and music producer at Hilltop Recording Studio, David Ezra offers a diverse range of services for artists and bands, covering all types of genres. In a relaxed and creative high-end studio, Hilltop Recording Studio, based in South East London. David can build your song from scratch or develop any existing project. Can also provide session musicians and songwriters.


*All tracks was recorded, produced and mixed by David Ezra

Reggie ‘N’ Bollie - This Is The Life

Amani - Feathers Falling (Official Video)

Sonata Kay - Uh huh (Cover) Shoot @ Hilltop

CHEY - She's Got You (Official Video)

David Ezra music producer londonBIO

As a contemporary music producer, David Ezra began making his own music at the tender age of 12. With a strong eager to learn, he taught himself to play the piano. By the time he turned 17, he was already writing, playing and producing his own original material at his home. Having a strong and creative passion for music, David started to take piano and classical harmony lessons in order to truly understand the theory aspect of which the classical world had to offer.

In the past years, since he established a name for himself and his
“Hilltop Recording Studio” in London, David has been extremely busy producing some of London’s most talented singers/songwriters. The studio offers a great environment for those who look for that special place to make their dreams into songs. David doesn’t limit himself to any particular genre and can produce different styles, such as Rock, Classical, Pop, R’n’B, Electro, Soul and experimental.